Hawkwind – Do Not Panic (Documentary)


I don’t know much about Hawkwind, but I feel I should as an obsessive fan of psychedelic rock n roll. Luckily, YouTube is filled with tons of awesome rockumentaries and I stumbled upon one about Hawkwind called ‘Do Not Panic’. I had always known that I needed to spend some time to go through the Hawkwind discography, but felt very overwhelmed by the number of albums when I started to investigate. What kept leading me back to them was that Lemmy, of Motorhead, spent a few years with Hawkwind. It was mind boggling to think that Lemmy, one of the pioneers of heavy rock music, spent years in an extremely spacey, psychedelic, rock n roll band.

Watch the story of Hawkwind…

Feb Part 2

Reverb Party’s February Mixtape Part 2


Start your Sunday off right with a mixtape recap of what’s been good in the second half of February!

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Reverb Party's February Mixtape Part 2 by Reverb Party on Mixcloud


1. Jim Sullivan – Highways
2. Peter Mathew Bauer – Shiva the Destroyer
3. Kelley Stoltz – Still Feel
4. Jackson Scott – That Awful Sound
5. Sugar Candy Mountain – Soak Up The City
6. Candy Claws – White Seal (Shell & Spine)
7. Temples – A Question Isn’t Answered
8. Jacco Gardner – Find Yourself
9. BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah – Gunshowers (feat. Elzhi)
10. Mark Lanegan Band – The Gravedigger’s Song
11. Dahga Bloom – Space is the Place
12. METZ – Acetate


Candy Claws – White Seal (Shell & Spine)

Song of the Day

Candy Claws are a two piece psychedelic dream pop group from Colorado. Ryan Hover and Kay Bertholf craft incredibly beautiful songs that tickle and transport your mind through kaleidoscopic dreamscapes. Their last release, 2013’s Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time, was one of my favorites of the year and is a repeated go to for long drives, bike rides and other adventures in nature.

Listen to ‘White Seal (Shell & Spine)’…

Listen to the full album, Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time…